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What We Do

Our job is to make our customers' lives easier, so we dedicate ourselves to understanding and satisfying their needs. While our core business is in the electrical market, we serve customers through multiple channels of distribution, with an expanding range of products, services and solutions.

Strategic Partnership






Electrical Component Solutions

Helping Industrial Organizations Stay Up and Running, Efficient, Competitive and Scalable

Who We Are

The professionals at DGLTECH are redefining how our customers and manufacturer partners compete in electrical, communications and sustainable-energy markets. We're pursuing a service-rich solutions strategy that moves beyond the traditional inventory-order-deliver business model of the past. Embracing new technologies and encouraging innovation, we're helping our customers grow their businesses more efficiently and profitably. We're continuously searching for new opportunities to add to our portfolio and grow our value to customers and shareowners. Our strategy is simple: by helping our customers thrive, we thrive.

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